Random Utterings

Don’t be stupid… Chinese food and Japanese food are the exact same thing

Phew!  Rant over.  The weekend has so far not panned out quite as panned owing to a series of unfortunate mis-communications with varied tour operators of this fair city.  But I have had fun anyway and feel much better than I did on Thursday.

Yesterday I slept late, got up and pottered around and then went to the book shop to return the huge pile of books I had accumulated and restricted myself to only 3 new ones to see me thru the next 3 weeks.  Then I went to Siam and met up with Jamie and we had the best lunch for a long time at Fuji, a Japanese restaurant.  NOMMMM.  We both had vegetable gyoza and pork katsu and all it’s accoutrements and I could not eat another morsel the rest of the day such was it’s enormity.  After lunch we waddled upstairs to the cinema and watched Kung Fu Panda which was pretty funny for a kid’s film.  Then we went downstairs to the exit to the train station and look who was there!

 After we parted ways, I had a wander round MBK and then realised I was in the wrong place really for what I was looking for and hopped on the subway to the nite bazaar.  I had a joyful hour or two wandering around, buying some trainers (and alarming Lee by phoning him to ask his shoe size) and a fake Balenciaga bag for Jo. 

Today I was supposed to be off to River Kwai but instead ended up pottering around Siam, buying some amazing umbrellas for much cheapness, finding a great source of gyoza and then having some ice cream before going to watch Sex and the City movie.  God what a weepfest that was!  No one warned me that it was so sad!  Me and the Thai girl next to me were trying to hide the fact we were both weeping constantly, but I really enjoyed the film nonetheless.

Guess what!  I AM going to Ko Kred tomorrow if it kills me!  The tour according to the boat people’s website leaves at 10am, however according to wikitravel, it leaves at 9am.  So I will trust the boat people as it is their tour and be there for 10.  Whoop!  Next weekend will go to River K.  Right I am off to watch some Sopranos and then get to bed.


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