Random Utterings

You know what I love? Pens that can write on DVDs

0714 Leap out of bed, full of vim and vigour … ok, stumble out of bed, groping for the bathroom door, stagger into shower and generally shamble towards leaving the house. For some reason, I decide to wear a dress today. Spend a good 5 minutes I can ill afford trying to do the zip up – why don’t I have go go gadget arms?

0810 Leave house. Running later than yesterday it seems. The old man is having a break! He’s smoking what looks like a cheroot off of the wild wild west and talking to the security guard that randomly salutes me. I hurry past. The man with the sweetcorn fritters is thankfully absent – that would be a bad habit to get into. Don’t have time to stop for a drink, press on.

0830 On train. It’s moderately packed. Get a seat tho at Soon Sirikit. Wang on some Girls Aloud and bop internally.

0850 The bridge of deaaaaaaaaaath. Today’s leaflet is learn to speak english in 10 easy lessons! All levels welcome – wonder what they would say if I turned up.

0855 Lime smoothie time. No breakfast today as I troughed yesterday.

0900 Another busy day today. Work solidly til 1120 then read RSS feeds, emails, etc.

1135 Lunchtime. Kao moo deng today – rice and pork place.

1215 Stop off at Au Bon Pain as Jamie is still hungry. Pick up a free BK magazine whilst I am waiting, flick idly thru the pages. There, a few pages in, is the answer to our beach quest – the Rabbit Resort! What better for a bunny obsessed gal like mar-c than a resort run by Mr and Mrs Rabbit with a rabbit themed pool and a totally luxurious setting for a bargain price?! Skip back across bridge of death to look it up online.

1300 Finish a pony game on DS. It was dead easy. Look up Rabbit place (in Pattaya about 2 hours away from Bangkok) and it is as amazing as I hoped, perfect reviews on Trip Advisor. Email them about availability and psychically urge mar-c to get up early so I can break the exciting news to her.

1445 Breaking news to mar-c – spend about 10 minutes just typing AHHHHHHHHH at each other.

1600 Very quiet this afternoon. Finally top up phone. Still no answer from the Rabbits.

1815 Leave work and ponder what to do this evening. Decide to go to Paragon and go to the cinema and see the Sex & The City movie. I’ve not seen the TV show, but think the movie looks ok. Swing by Beard Papa and buy a cream puff which is like a choux bun with custard in it (no chocolate). Keep it for later. Grab a burger for dinner and head to cinema.

1930 Cinema foyer is packed with Indians (Asian, not red). Wonder what is going on – there seems to be some sort of premiere on. There is a lot of hoopin and a hollerin going on, TV cameras, photographers and screaming women in saris. Make a quick about turn and decide I can see the movie another time.

1945 On sky train, then subway. Hoof it down the road, get in and switch computer on. Upload yesterday’s blog, tell mar-c that the Rabbits are still not emailing then notice that there is an email from them! They have quoted an even cheaper price than the website, whoop! Reply with a resounding CHAI (yes) to their offer of accommodation.

2030 Sling on the Sopranos. Am enjoying it a lot. Miss an entire episode by looking at tours from Pattaya. Lee texts me, yay! Talking to Tracey on MSN.

2245 Talking to Catherine, struggling to keep up with Sopranos and downloading the music of Cake.

2315 Off to bed now, snooozy.  Nite!


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