Random Utterings

The woman’s muffin is calling and asking me to eat it

0035 Wake up feeling like I have been asleep for hours but only an hour.

0410 Wake up again to find a light show going on outside with some freaky lightning.  My knee is very itchy.

0700 Alarm goes off. Snooze for 10 minutes.

0710 Aahhhh! I must have a stray mosquito in my room as my knee has 3 bites on it, my right ankle has a new one to add to it’s total and my right, well … my right ass cheek has a bite on the side near the hip too.  Get in shower, come out and slather on the aloe vera and pop an anti-histamine tablet.  Get ready for work, take rubbish out and get in lift.

0805 I must be bang on time as the wee man along the road has just put the fish on to deep fry in his wok by the side of the road.  Buy lemon drink from 7-11, gal in there knows my routine so knows that I want a straw but no carrier bag.

0815 On subway, not as busy as usual. Get off and on sky train and then as I am ravenous, buy some pork and sticky rice for breakfast. Get to work, scrape hair back and read emails whilst chowing on rice and drinking lime smoothie.

1000 It’s busy today – bah

1130 Lunchtime.  Still hungry despite breakfast, go with Jamie to the pasta place next to our building. Have spaghetti bolognaise! It’s very nice.

1400 Still busy. Boooo.

1500 Yay, Glasgow are awake. Company!  Continue with work, find time to look at some more tours to the beach for me and mar-c, email a travel agent or 2.  Have wave of excitement about coming home as look at s1 jobs.

1630 We got a whole bunch of emails from customers signing our praises this week so we get ice cream this afternoon – wooo.  Have discussion on flavours on MSN.  We get pistachio, raspberry ripple, chocolate and durian flavours.  If you don’t know already, durian is a fruit from South East Asia which smells rancid – like rotting garbage.  But, they say, tastes nice.  So I tried the ice cream – and it tastes just like it smells!  Ugh!

1800 Home time! For some reason they are keen to get us out the office tonite, so pack up sharpish and catch the lift with Jamie. We head across the bridge of death talking, as we often do, about lesbians, as he has a few Thai ex-gal pals who it turns out are more than good friends.  We get the train along to Sala Daeng and then down to the supermarket where I buy some eggs, bread, milk (to make french toast), potato salad and some noodles for tea.

1900 On train, get a seat no problem today, yay!  I am SO tired.  I doubt I will make it into swimming pool again tonite as I can barely keep my eyes open.

1950 Home. Put on Sopranos, call bank back in UK about them messing me around, open parcel from Jo containing some CDs, some sweets and bacon fries – yay!

2115 Writing this, going to switch off and watch Sopranos til I fall asleep now.  Over and out!


1 thought on “The woman’s muffin is calling and asking me to eat it”

  1. Well, I hope the potato salad you bought was not the same as that one I had on our last day out – remember the ice cream/potato/sweetcorn travesty?? That was foul! I keep remembering that custard bun I had, and that assuages the trauma.

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