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There was some line-dancing going on at the wedding, by the way

Ok, I know I said I would be better at this, but here we are a week later again and I am only getting round to this.  Not for want of something better, but  the past week has been a bit busy at work and also with plotting.  I have a whole load of fun stories from Wat Po to post at some point – it was really nice and sunny and I saw lots of monks, but for now, here is the breaking news:

I’m coming home!  I will be returning to the U of K on Saturday 5th July, a little bit earlier than I anticipated, but I am most pleased nonetheless.  I’ve had a great time so far here – still over a month to go – and I can come back having had a great experience.  Hurrahs all round!

Just as exciting is the news that marveline will arrive 3 weeks tomorrow!  Hurrah!  We will have a great time touring round, shopping and eating a lot of rice.  Rumour has it we may even get to the beach!

Now, speaking of marveline, I have said I will keep her company in her pennance of week in the life, so tune in later for the first installment of that.  For now, synchronise diaries and bake me a cake!


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