Random Utterings

Most of the unicycle hockey team came from Cambridge

Oh, I know, twice in one day, I am spoiling you, just like that ambassador and his chocolates.  It’s late Sunday nite here and I am blogging to a) keep up to date and b) kill time as flickr processes the 9 million photos I took today.

After I updated earlier, I decided to go to Wat Arun aka Temple of the Dawn, which is on the other side of the river.  So I hopped on the subway and then the BTS and got on the boat to Tha Tien.  From there, a cross river ferry takes you from the main pier to the War Arun pier for the princely sum of 5 pence.  It was absolutely scorching hot and I think the camera was not too pleased about the heat, see below:

It seemed to forget we were at a Buddhist temple and thought it was on an acid trip back in 69, man.  It behaved itself after a while, but I think the 35 degree direct sunlight was not much good for either of us, especially as I made the mistake of not eating anything before going out.  I did drink lots of water though, mum.

I did have a very nice time apart from that though.  I had a wander round the temple compound, saw lots of Germans, followed an Italian woman up the very steep stairs, had a chat in Thai to a random lady (ok, I say chat, we exchanged hello how are yous) and had a quick chat with this guy:

I hope he was listening.  After that I climbed some very steep steps to find … nothing!

But it was nice to sit higher up and enjoy the breeze.  It was very peaceful if roasting hot.  I managed to take a wrong turn somewhere and got lost in the maze of back alleys round the back of the temple compound, but got to see some good every day sights that I am sure not many people see:

Then I was really hot and hungry and thirsty, so I decided to get the boat back across and maybe go to Wat Po.  But it was pretty choppy and I felt a bit seasick, so I just got the boat back to Sathorn and then the train to Siam and then walked along to Central World to get some aida cloth for more sewing and some real Monster Munch (crisps) only I forgot about the Monster Munch.  Then I walked back along to the sky train and went along to Phrom Phong and to Emporium Mall to have some food finally (Indian butter chicken – delicious) and to go to the cinema.

Yes – the cinema!  Three times in the past week!  I actually got there tonite and realised that I had seen everything that was on.  So I saw Iron Man again and it was just as funny as the first time – if you haven’t seen it, you should do.  Then I came home and went for a nice refreshing swim and now I am battling Flickr to get my photos uploaded (it’s not playing).

What to do tomorrow!  How exciting.


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