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Day In The Life #?

I thought it had been all but forgotten this month, as it really creeped up on us. I did absolutely sod all on Saturday, so here is a very short DITL from me this time.

7.45am Wake up thinking I have slept in. Smile when I realise it’s Saturday and I am working from home today so I don’t have to get up til 8.59am.

8.59am Wake up again, more tired than I was earlier. How does that work?! Decide not to get out of bed, but instead switch on laptop and work in my pyjamas from the comfort of my bed.

10.00 Working. It’s dull and annoyingly more busy than I expected.

10.30 Open shutters in kitchen to let daylight in. Switch OFF air con.

11.00 Break for a toastie. Take rubbish out. Have shower.

13.00 Still working. DULL.

15.00 Work is done with for the day. Ponder options for rest of day. Eat chocolate chip cookie.

15.30 Still on computer. AC back ON.

16.45 Decide that I will stay in all day and watch DVDs. I have enough toastie supplies to make this possible. Watch rest of Numbers. AC OFF.

18.00 Drinking manao soda. Watching No Country For Old Men. DVD skips to every second scene so I have no idea what happens at the end. Sewing robots. Consider going for swim but it’s chocka out there.

18.30 AC ON.

20.00 Watching Inside Man with Clive Owen – didn’t he used to be in Casualty? Decide I hate Jodie Foster as she just always sounds weird. Is quite entertaining film. Decide to adapt tapestry pattern for bluebird. AC OFF.

22.45 Going to watch Last King Of Scotland, but DVD doesn’t work, bah. Watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang instead which has my new favourite actor in it, Robert Downey Jr. It’s really funny. Sewing bluebird. Notice I have gone wrong and am a row out. Abandon bluebird.

00.35 Finish faffing about and go to bed. AC ON. Good nite!


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