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5. Madonna… where do I begin? It’s embarrassing seeing a 50-year-old trying to dance like that

Firstly, that is another example of my randomly selected quote fitting my opinion.  She should really put some clothes on and go inside now.

Anyway, hello!  I am not dead.  It is, I realise, almost a week again since I updated this.  I would like to say I’ve been busy, but I haven’t really.  Monday I was off work on my scheduled day off and was going to go meet Liz for some retail therapy, but she was spending her time much more sensibly packing to move back to England, so I went into work, collected my work permit (woo) and headed to the bank.  It is quite the saga and I don’t have the energy to even begin to recount it now, but suffice to say it took 5 people over an hour and a half to open a bank account and transfer money to the UK (and even then they had to call me twice after I left to make sure they had it right).

So, that’s sorted.  But it turns out that Thai banks charge you to do anything – pay a bill, pay money in, take money out (over the counter), transfer money abroad … I had to pay 200 bhat just to apply for an ATM card.  They really make their money where they can, that is fo sho.  But I was impressed with their speed – my money arrived in the UK less than 24 hours later, so that is a relief.

Tuesday was back to work, which was pretty dull.  Wednesday too, only brightened up by going to meet Liz and Rob for tea afterwards.  We had some very tasty chicken and I saw their flat after dinner which was lovely and they gifted me lots of their things they don’t need anymore (kettle, toaster, cheese grater, etc).  It was great chat and I got home about midnight laden with boxes and bags.  Thursday was yet another public holiday here, labour day this time.  To celebrate the non-labour of the day, me and Jamie went to see Iron Man at the cinema which was great.  Very funny, even if it did have Gwyneth Paltrow in it.  We also had lunch at a mexican place at Paragon centre beforehand and I had a reaaaaally good burrito, I will defo go back there one day.

Yesterday – back to work.  Bah.  Who’s idea was that to earn money? There has to be a more fun way, surely.  It’s been a pretty dull week in reality.  But a fun dull week, if that makes any sense.  Today I have not even gotten out of my pyjamas, such is my sloth.  I had to work today, but from home, so I stayed up til about 2am watching DVDs on my new-to-me mini DVD player.  I watched the first half of the first series of Numbers, which was ok – just ok.  Like CSI but a lot duller and centred around maths.  Today I have watched (or tried to watch) No Country For Old Men and Smokin Aces – both of which I am sure are passable movies, but either the DVD player or the DVDs themselves (or possibly both) did not enjoy them.  NCFOM in particular I got the first 15 minutes of before it started skipping every second scene, so I have no idea what happened at the end, or if that really was Kelly McDonald (answers on a postcard please).

Apart from that I have been working on some new emo-broidery designs, which I have photographed but the photos turned out rubbish as it was dark, so I will post them up tomorrow.    Today I have just realised was supposed to be day in the life day, but I think everyone has forgotten, so that may be rescheduled (I hope so, otherwise mine will be full of eating biscuits and sitting around in my pants).

Sunday tomorrow – hurrah!  I may actually leave the house.  Not decided what to do yet, but it may involve a trip to the book shop to stock up on new books and take some of my others back for a mega discount and lunch in the nice place from last week and maybe buying bread to feed my toastie addiction.  Photos tomorrow.  Now, move along, nothing more to see here.


2 thoughts on “5. Madonna… where do I begin? It’s embarrassing seeing a 50-year-old trying to dance like that”

  1. yes it was Kelly McDonald and she was incredible. I thought it was a good movie overall, but if you missed big chunks of it, then it may not have had the impact that it did on me. Also..that is west Texas and does not in any way resemble where I am from..just in case you may have been wondering.

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