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Sometimes I wish I was my mum

I will let the photos do the talking about my weekend

It was great to get out of the city and see that grass and trees and fresh, clean air still exist.  The train journey on the way there was exactly how I imagined, but the return leg I spent the first third hanging on the steps inches from the tracks and then the rest inside crammed against several OAPs unable to move even my arms.  I didn’t get much sleep owing to sharing my room with a lizard on Saturday nite, breaking my computer yesterday and my mobile phone being on the blink, so I am exhausted now.  You can see the rest of the photos here and I’ll post more later.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish I was my mum”

  1. NICE NOMMING IN THOSE TOASTIES!!! (have totally forgotten flickr password – hey ho). Thanks for everything – the pep talks, the introduction to HH who broke my heart (well, maybe not thanks for that), but most of all – thanks for the nomeries – blub 🙂 x

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