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Who holds up a four year old child to protect themselves?

It’s Thursday already?  How on earth did that happen?  Time has really flown this week which is a good thing, doesn’t leave long to dwell on things other than oh my good lord it’s roasting.  I promise there will come a day again where I don’t bang on about the weather.  Soon, I promise.

Yesterday was another sweatfest, as you might imagine.  But by jingo, if it wasn’t RAINING when I left for work.  Actual water falling from the sky!  But it only lasted about 3 seconds, just long enough for half a raindrop to land on me.  I was very excited, but so far it has not happened again.

Last nite I was feeling preeeetty pleased with myself as I had not only managed to snag some really tasty pork satay at the end of my soi for about 12 pence, but I also managed to find some nice shoes in proper sizes.  Today tho, I am feeling mighty peeved as said shoes have cut my feet to fettucine.  It seems they are a slight shade too narrow and rubbing against my somewhat sweaty insteps has resulted in giant blisters all over my trotters and not even flip flops are now wearable without excruiciating pain!  I’ve dunked them in chlorine in the hope that will toughen them up a bit but I have no idea how I am going to hobble to work tomorrow.  It is safe to say that finding some appropriate footwear is now of the essence.  Mar-c, kind soul that she is, offered to swap me some proper UK shoes for a bunny bag that I spotted so hopefully I will be shod correctly soon.

Other than that, I had more success yesterday as I negotiated the post office in the building opposite ours, which makes it sound quite hassle-free, but in actual fact took 3 of us a good half hour to negotiate (over an hour if you count lunch in Satan’s dining room beforehand.  It was easily 40 degrees in there and eating was the last thing on my mind by the time we sat down).  We were served by a kindly fellow in a Liverpool top which is appropriate given the recipient of one of my packages.  It was also much cheaper than I was expecting to post my things altho still relatively expensive compared to the price of the contents, but I had been expecting to pay triple the price I did, so hurrah!

Work continues to be ok, a busy day today meaning I couldn’t get this finished at work on lunch as I was too busy answering customers.  I had thought on stopping off at the nite bazaar tonite on the way home but I was in too much pain.  I cunningly got off the subway 2 stops early and got a taxi to the door and I am glad I did because a) I couldn’t have walked it and b) I found the location of a cinema and 2 malls with lots of places to eat, so that’s something else to investigate this weekend.  We also passed what looked like an abandoned theme park of some sort – I saw a giant fibreglass lobster amongst other things.  I wonder what it is! I must consult the map as any attraction with giant fibreglass sealife is really up my soi, as it were.

The internets saga continues with my boss playing the role of confused, irate customer for me.  The phone company says that the building has to switch something on, the building people say, what are you on about and I say guh.  I don’t really care one way or the other now, as I suspect there may be a free wifi connection by the pool, so I could always buy a wireless card and go down there.  Hopefully tho it will be fixed soon and I hear that TV man is coming on Saturday to collect the 46 copies of my passport and first born child that they need to give me re-runs of American sitcoms on tap.  I am watching a program about wild horses in China as I write this which has now switched to camels rounding up sheep on a mountain somewhere – never a dull moment.

I went for a swim a little while ago, but had to give up after 4 lengths.  Thai people just don’t get this communal swimming thing.  The pool is probably only about 15 or 20 metres long and there were about 14 people in there including me – some of them larking about, some of them swimming up the way, some of them across, some of them gently just getting on with it, some of them splashing around like Flipper in distress.  One girl in particular seemed to be having some sort of epileptic seizure every time anyone passed, so I stopped directly in her path to teach her a lesson. That showed her.

I didn’t have the patience for it tonite, but at least the annoying American gal was not camped out in her usual spot with her fancy Vaio laptop.  It is her that makes me suspect there is a wireless connection down there and I was going to strike up conversation last nite and ask her about it but then she started talking to some guy she seems to know and boy am I glad I didn’t bother.  She opened her mouth and revealed herself to be an airhead bimbo who it turns out is a model and was playing a STOOOO ARD ESSSSSS tomorrow.  She was literally bellowing at this guy about how she was the perfect proportion for whatever it she models (not brain cells) and he was nodding appreciatively – I think he has the hots for her.  She wasn’t even that pretty, just an average looking joe.  I resolved to offend her very eyes with my wobbly ass as I got out the pool – ha!

It turns out that I may actually be off for FOUR days this weekend as apparently there is a public holiday on Monday when I am scheduled to be off anyway, so bumper bonanaza weekend for me.  I am going to make a list, as mar-c suggested, of all the things I want to do so I can tick them off.  An ex-colleague of ours told us once that him and his wife had made a list of all the places they wanted to go and things they wanted to do in their area and written it all down and stuck it to the inside of their wardrobe door so that if they ever had a free day together they could go right, let’s see what’s next on the list and go off and do it.  I think that is exactly what is required here, so I’ll post my progress once I’ve made my list.


2 thoughts on “Who holds up a four year old child to protect themselves?”

  1. Oh your list is going to be amazing. I have a list if things to do locally, it currently has two INCREDIBLY dull things on it 1. go to Otmoor (a small nature reserve) 2. go to John Lewis in High Wycombe. Deeply unexciting! I am looking forward to hearing more of your adventures.

  2. Yes, make a list – I’ll do the same – there are so many things I’d like to do/see in Scotland and have never made the effort, so it would be good to have an incentive.

    Next time you see the model ask her if she’s an air steward, that will annoy her. Hehe!

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