I couldn’t give a flying fuck about celebrity butlers

Halllllllelujiah!  The hunt for the elusive swimming costume is over!  I know you are all probably as fed up with this story as I am, so I’ll make it brief (ha!) …

 After work yesterday I decided to take myself off on the BTS along to Chitlom and see if the Central department store there did, as advertised, have a Marks and Spencers.  I got along there without any trouble and decided that the best plan of attack, in the absence of a handy map that tells you what is on each floor (really, would it kill them to have a map?!), to take the escalator to the top floor and then work my way down til I found what I needed.

I am pretty glad I did, as I found all sorts of wonderful things – a book store that sells English language books and magazines for a start.  I had to buy a book as I bizarrely only brought one from home.  I think I had so much crammed in my case that I couldn’t have fitted anything else in anyway.

I also found on my travels a great cute stuff section full of Sanrio toys, etc, ideal for Jo and mar-c if they come to visit.  There was also the “ideas” zone which had loads and loads of really cool stuff – stationery, pin boards, stickers, cards, etc.  Another stop there for me after pay day I think! 

Also, I found a whole section dedicated to swimwear, so I went to have a rifle thru the racks.  A kindly Thai shop assistant lady came and asked me if she could help and then took me to the normal sized suits round the corner – hurrah!  She picked out some HIDEOUS styles, but there were 2 ok ones in amongst them so she let me try them on (which  I thought was odd, but when in Rome…) so I did and hurrah! It fitted and didn’t make me look like a shotputter and didn’t have a skirt or anything.

I was so pleased that I skipped gaily to the check out with it and only realised once I got there that it cost TWO THOUSAND BHAT!  To save you the bother of looking it up, that is approximately 32 of your british pounds or 74 of your dollars of the americas.  I had a look at the less appealing styles and realised that for once I had actually managed to pick the cheapest thing in the shop, so I had no real choice but to buy it.  I did get 100 bhat off tho for signing up for a loyalty card, so in the end it cost just over 30 british bucks.  JEEEEEZ.

So, with that finally sorted, you bet your life I went straight home and slung it on and got in the pool – and it was great not to have to wear my pyjamas!  It is a proper hold you in nice ladies swimming costume and I will wear it every day for the rest of my goddamn life!  I had a nice swim about in the dark (there are lights under the water tho) and listened to the bats squeaking about and watched a bit of football on TV as I could see it at the poolside bar and then went upstairs for some dinner (chicken and noodles, seeing as you ask) and that was my pretty uneventful evening!  I have some more photos to post at some point, but have been leaving my laptop at work as it is too heavy to take on my back round the shops, so maybe this weekend!

Today I have been working away, but seem to have finished my quota of work for the day already.  Everyone else is playing games for the rest of lunchtime, so I am taking this opportunity to post my blog!  Lunch was downstairs in the food hall again today – pork and rice for me with, yes, you’ve guessed it, clear soup.  A lime smoothie is cooling me down again today – the girls at the counter know me by sight now and reach for the limes.  I am going to learn the word for pineapple and really fox them tomorrow!

 Your news please!


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