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Somewhere in a bucket in France are some pebbles

Right!  Where did I get to? 

On Friday I went to meet Liz at long last!  We met up at Asok station, not too far from here and headed along the road to a mexican restaurant called Coyote which had a menu full of margaritas!  I sampled the frozen pear and the frozen pineapple ones – very nice!

We had a good old chinwag and shared a plate of nachos which were roughly the size of a standard loaf of bread!  They were enormous!  And soooo tasty.  By the time we had finished, it was too late to make it to the nite bazaar, so we decided to go on Saturday instead and we went to a bar that Liz knows instead.  It was across the city and is a tiny little blues bar which was a lot of fun.  It is the sort of bar that you hear about, but never usually see – tiny, absolutely rammed full of people and a fantastic atmosphere.  I think there was probably about 60 people in a space roughly the size of my bedroom at home! 

Anyway, after a drink it was almost closing time, so I headed home as I was exhausted – I eventually got back after being a bit worried about where the hell the non-english speaking driver was taking me – it turned out he was not asking me where to go, but asking me if I recognised where we were – he must have saw me looking a bit doubtful!

I got back and decided to see if by any chance Lee might be online and lo and behold he was!  So we had a nice chat via Skype – it was really great to speak to you Lee san 🙂

So, it was about 3am by this point, so I went to bed and felt very pleased with myself for staying up so late!  I got up late next morning and headed off to meet Liz again for some exploration.  We met at the BTS station next to Central World, with the intention being to go to the Marks and Spencer there, however it transpired that it has either closed or moved as we couldn’t find it.  We did find Next, but it was full of tiny clothes and wooly hats for some reason! 

Before further exploration we went and got some lunch at the food court there – food courts are big shakes here, much more than at home.  At home, the term food court tends to conjure up images of limp salad and over-baked potatoes, but the food at them here is really good – freshly made and so much to choose from.  We had some boiled chicken and rice with some chicken broth which was a lot more tasty than it sounds and a plateful cost roughly 60 pence! 

We had a good rummage in the Zen department store which is one of my favourite proper shops – the stationery department is really quite something.  I picked up a birthday present for mar-c and one for Jo too, lucky you gals!  I found a whole section devoted to wool and they even have aida cloth and some great colours of embroidery hoops/frames. 

Now, when you are wandering round the shops with tired feets, what could be better than going and reclining in a darkened room soaking your trotters in a bath with jasmine petals floating in it and then having a man pummel your feet and legs for an hour!  I have never had a massage before, but it is just like going for a drink here – they are available everywhere and not just the sort of massage you might imagine (nudge nudge wink wink)!  Most people here indulge in a foot massage pretty regularly and I can really understand why now – it was really amazing once I got over my tickly feet thing!  I’ll definitely be getting another one.

So, after our relaxation break we headed to Siam Square area, a short walk along from Central World.  There Liz showed me another great craft store and I am full of ideas for potential new ranges for Miso Funky now!  I think I will go back after pay day to purchase some supplies for prototypes!  They also have every type of trimming, rick rack, ribbon etc that you could ever imagine – mar-c, you will die when you see it!

So after a bit more exploring, we headed towards the nite bazaar (which actually opens at 3pm) and had a nice stroll thru Lumphini Park which is quite magnificent.  It was full of people jogging and cycling, even at 6pm on a Saturday.  We arrived just in time to see the mass aerobics class at the main gates – apparently it is put on by the government free of charge and anyone can join in.  What a great idea (not that I will be joining in any time, of course)!

The nite bazaar was awesome as ever – so many cool things in amongst all the tat and souvenirs.  I found the sock monkey stall again and was very tempted to buy some, but I restrained myself for now.  I know where to go when I want to get some tho (the atthuya bit, for my reference).   We had some dinner at the Joe Louis puppet theatre restaurant which was fantastic – some spring rolls, some fried chicken with garlic, some stir fried morning glory (a green spinach like vegetable) and rice and some coconut/lime/chicken soup stuff which was reeeeeeally nice and refreshing.  It was all really, really tasty and really cheap – a common theme with the food here!


I was pretty knackered after walking around in the baking heat all day – it was probably about 35 degrees!  I am quickly becoming accustomed to being a hot, red faced, sweaty mess all day – it is best to just accept it and get on with it I think.  I think that if you want to spend any more than about 10 minutes outside then you have to just deal with the fact that you are going to look horrific.  I am not sure how the Thai ladies look so cool all the time – they are all so neat and well turned out, so they must look at me and my western cohorts and think we are monsters!

modtaxi.jpg      fishcounter.jpg      thailand-021.jpg    

Today I am having a pretty leisurely day so far – I went to Tesco Lotus along the road this morning for some supplies and to investigate the swimming costume situation.  It was quite an experience!  I caught a cab along the road which turned out to be a modified car which Lee would have loved!  Tesco was enormous and had just about everything you could ever need – whitening face cream?  no problem! offering for a monk?  a whole 2 aisles of them!  swimming costumes in farang size?  Hmm, well, now you are asking. 

 I managed to buy some supplies for breakfast and the like for this week and also to stock up on conditioner, etc (my hair will be delighted, it is like straw just now), and then noticed there was an upstairs, so I put my basket by the escalator like everyone else had and headed up to what turned out to be electrical and clothing department.  I got my phrase book out and found the word for swimming costume and went and asked a lady, who then asked another lady and before long I had about 5 thai ladies leading me all over the shop looking for swimsuits (with a brief detour by the dressing gowns – not sure why, but I managed to intimate that no thank you, i am fine for a dressing gown).  I did get to a whole rack of them and there was only one that looked like it might even remotely fit and it was sized XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL or something ridiculous.  This is it:


Perhaps they misheard me and thought I asked for an ice skating outfit?  It doesn’t even fit me correctly – it’s probably a size 14 or 16 at a push, which is about 2 sizes too small for me.  It has a pair of pant type things built in under that skirt, and in it I look like a Romanian shotputter who has got into the wrong wardrobe at the Olympics.  It also cost about £12 which I thought was pretty expensive for here.  So, I will try it out this afternoon as it about 37 degrees and I have been inside for most of the day, watching showjumping on TV and standing under the AC unit.

So, that’s me for today!  All up to date for now and have flickred some photos, so go have a look.  And please – blog!


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