I’d give it three stars. Out of a hundred.

What a day today has been!

I woke up as usual wanting to go straight back to sleep, but I am glad I got up this morning.  I got to work and had to go and organise the Nice Man who is clearing out our old office.  He is quite the most accommodating tradesman I’ve used at work, I must say.  Anyway, I found a box of printer and photocopier toners that we haven’t used and no longer have the equipment for, so I brought them back to our office and have put them on Ebay!  They are going for like £40 a pop in some cases, so hurrah!

Then I got back to my desk and sat down to get on with work and the hourly commission email arrived and I found that whilst I’d been out, I had been awarded £60 of commission – more hurrahing!

 After that, Lee msn’d me and it is now official that he starts his new job a week on Monday so HUGE sighs of relief all round on that score.  They are even paying him weekly for the first few months, which will really aid our situation.

Karma is definitely giving me big love this week – as I then received an email from Freecycle about a writing bureau which is PERFECT.  I got very excited and emailed the lady back and it’s  mine!  And to cap it all off, she lives near my boss who has offered to collect it for me!  I was quite stunned by the turn of events that lead to this outcome, but very pleased.

Other Good Things that have happened today are the cheque I paid into the bank not even 48 hours ago clearing, things of mine selling on Ebay and my visa stuff being on the way from Thailand.  I also spoke to big boss today who is very happy about my going to Thailand and has given me all sorts of ideas for business things and things to export back. 

This weekend now seems full of all sorts of possibilities and I am excited about life again in a way I have not been for a while.  I think the fug caused by the post-Christmas slump and all the other things that have happened recently is finally starting to be shaken off.

In other news, I played Animal Crossing on my DS last nite.  Only Bluebear has resolutely hung on to life in the village and exclaimed that I had not been by for 9 months!  In that time, weeds have completely overtaken the village, Tom Nook has got everyone hooked on crack and Tortimer has shacked up with the turnip seller.  Ok, I maybe made up the last two.  I would love for this weekend to be the weekend I finish Zelda, but I doubt that very much.


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