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Do you think Marmite was made to spite people?

Where have I been?  I’ll tell you – on the bathroom floor, hurling.  Last week was a total write-off for me.  I started taking some medication which I thought was the cause of my illness, but it turned out to be winter vomiting bug thing that is going round here apparently.

 From Tuesday onwards, I was basically either in bed or in the bathroom.  I really thought I was going to have to go to casualty at one point, such was my fluids loss!  But thankfully by Friday evening I was doing much better.  Lee looked after me and nursed me back to health with series 5 and 6 of Hi-de-Hi on DVD.

By Saturday thankfully I was feeling much better and almost back to normal, so Jo and I headed off to Newcastle for the Cluny market on Sunday.  On our drive down (which was a lot less painful than usual thanks to borrowing Lee’s sat nav!) we saw lots of snow and it was very cold.  We arrived in Tynemouth in the late afternoon hoping to be in time for the flea market at Tynemouth station, but it was already packing away.  We just managed to get a few things from the Babycham glasses man and then we headed off to GAF, the shop on Front Street which always has great gifts, etc.  We then hopped across to Roy’s for some cakes (marzipan wedge for me, macaroon tart for Jo) and went to check into our hotel.

 Jo had booked us into the Grand Hotel for a treat, and we were expecting a double room – what we got was a 3 storey townhouse flat overlooking the beach – for £80!  We could easily have fitted 8 people in!  It was fantastic, and we sat on stools looking at the sea in the dark for a while then went out for a Chinese takeaway, got into our jim jams and watched TV whilst we crafted!  It was a great night in! 

Sunday morning we were up early to take advantage of breakfast and then went back to Tynemouth station to catch the flea market.  We bought one or two things and then headed to the car and got to the Cluny in very good time.  We got set up dangerously again across from the handbag lady Karina (I managed to resist, Jo did not!) and had a pretty good day.  Then back up the road in super quick time to get parcels packaged up for orders and one for Anne and Jim in America.

I didn’t even unpack my bag as I had to go to Somerset for work on Monday – in fact, I am writing from the village of Shepton Mallet!  Me and a colleague, Colin are down here to train some people in stuff they already know about.  We stayed at a really nice inn which gets surprisingly bad reviews on Trip Advisor.  We both found it to be really nice and comfortable, and the food was quite amazing!  I had lamb for dinner last nite and I think it’s the best I’ve ever had.  The staff are all a bit unhinged tho, so I can see why some people might have been put off.

Today we are training again, altho we have finished now and are just hanging out and killing time until a taxi can break off from ploughing a field or whatever and take us to the airport.  Our flight is not until 715pm tonite, so we will have to hang around until then.  I have brought my sewing tho (I made about 40 gift tags and a chamois reject last nite in the hotel!).  I hope my glue gun gets back thru security!

Tomorrow is Thursday already!  Lots to do, SO MUCH to do.  We still have a big order to get out plus all the orders that are coming in every day up to Christmas.  Then we have our FINAL fair of the year on Saturday, our own homecoming one at the library.  Then on Saturday nite it’s Lee’s Christmas work do thing, which all I know is at some hotel in the borders which is a bit posh and that we are both going!  Should be fun!  My own work hell night out is next Thursday.

I am off to kill time looking at more of these now!


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