I get really fuzzy ITV and a bit of BBC1

What news of me?  Not much. Since last week I have:

Not bought a bar in the shape of a boat, much to my dismay.


Been to a Christmas fayre at a posh school and won not 1, not 2 but 3 prizes in the tombola.  I won a bottle of kia ora, a bottle of port and a haircut at a swish hairdressers in the Merchant City!


Been to Edinburgh to see mar-c’s purses in the Gifted Exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland – it was ace!


Got free cake at the museum above thanks to us being dull and not realising we hadn’t paid and just walking on out!

Saw Dolly the Sheep just after the free cake incident

Been to a leaving do for a guy at work at the casino and lost £12 on blackjack (but had great fun doing it).


Been to the second Glasgow Craft Mafia market at Mono and eaten spicy chips and sold my favourite vintage homewares (the kitten salt and pepper set are gone!)


Had the excitement of getting a wholesale order for emo-broidery from Belfast

Planned a thanksgiving dinner for Friday evening – Lee’s making meatloaf, hurrah!

Been making things frantically for the 3 events in 2 days this weekend that we have.

Tonight we’re off to a fair in Clarkston, a bit of an unknown quantity, but worth a punt to spread the good handmade word!  All that is keeping me going is the thought of the meat loaf tomorrow …


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