You have contributed nothing to this, as usual.

Today, I’ve been mostly fuelled by rage. 

As regular readers will know, I work with and for morons in the main part.  But today the supplier moron count reached all new records when BT broadband people dicked up to their highest degree yet.  I literally spent all morning arguing on the phone with the whining a holes about their cock ups.  But now, I am calmer, honest.

The good thing about rage, as mar-c has pointed out, is the Rage Diet.  You basically get so angry that you are too wound up to eat anything.  mar-c is having awful broadband problems of her own just now (not work related) so she knows only too well.  I remember this diet from house selling – if only I could be angry for about 6 months, I’d be laughing!

 So, at lunchtime today, I found this site (I can’t remember where now, but possibly the aforementioned A to Z):  It’s both educational and rewarding, so go forth and have fun!

I have also today taken delivery of my new winter coat, which I rashly ordered on ebay.  I hope it is ok – I tried it on at work and someone told me it is fantastic, but I have not actually seen it on yet myself.  I paid for next day delivery on Tuesday and it only showed up today, so I am not amused by the wasted £8!

badges-001.jpg  badgemachine.jpg  badges-003.jpg

So I’ve not been entirely consumed with rage – for the past 2 evenings Lee and I have been badging it up, big style!  Tracey kindly lent me her badge machine for making badges for Hamish and I decided to get creative and do some with washi I got in New York, as well as some cross stitch hearts, a map Jo had and some Turkish stamps I got last year.  I think they turned out rather well!

There is also some sad news chez moi – Chris Tarrant has not called and that has been more than 4 weeks now.  I fear my chance of stardom/solvency is dashed once and for all.  I’ll have to – shame of shames – apply for the Weakest Link instead.


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