If you want it to stop, you have to clamp down on them. Without exception.

I have one thing to get off my chest first and then we can carry on:


I am NEVER, NEVER, NEVER moving house again.  I have been at stress level EVEREST for days now, and it’s literally causing sleepless nights (see, I’m so stressed I don’t even have the energy for my usual comedy spelling of nites).  Cutting a long story short, the buyer of our (now ex) flat turned out not to be the reasonable, level-headed person she’d presented herself as originally and actually turned out to be a dick of the highest order.  This means that altho we’ve moved, the legal wrangling trundles on with seemingly no end.  I have HAD IT with the whole thing and now am at the shaking head, trembling with rage stage on a daily basis.  I have a constant feeling of dread and I keep catching myself standing all tensed up and having to remind myself to breath deeply.  Every time the phone rings I think, what could possibly go wrong now?  I think I need a holiday.

Having said all that, some good things have happened, mainly that we’ve MOVED!  We’re now living in leafy Broomhill and the new flat is just lovely.  It’s such a novelty after our tiny shoebox flat that we’re standing in different rooms shouting “where are you?” at each other.  We have SO much stuff tho.  It took 5 van loads to move all our stuff and we’ve spent most of the weekend throwing things out or taking them to charity shops.  We do still have a fridge to find a home for, any takers let me know!

Also, it looks like the insurance company may have come to their senses on the ceiling front, so fingers crossed that will be resolved shortly.  Please say prayers to the house gods, I can’t take much more.

In other news … well, there’s not much other news.  We’re off to Poland next week tho!  Very exciting.  It’s for my brother’s wedding, I’m sure you remember that. It’s in a town in the north called Olsztyn, a few hours from Gdansk I think.  I’ve never been to Poland or anywhere remotely Eastern European, but I’ve always wanted to, so should be fun. 

Off for lunch now, hurrah!


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