Jimmy Nail has never bettered Crocodile Shoes.

What a week of highs and lows it’s been!

The most exciting news must surely be that our once-imminent homelessness is now no longer a threat – we managed to get it all sorted out and we will be moving to Broomhill in just 13 days time!  Wheeee!  It was getting VERY stressful chez Brown, so it was a huge sigh of relief all round once we got that sorted.  I feel rather like someone has stuck a pin in me and I have deflated back to almost normal again. 

In other news, the ceiling saga was almost brought to a close this week when the repairs were carried out and the decoration was completed, only for us to return home and discover that the painting was patchy and not quite what we expected, so that saga continues after all.

This week at work was busy with, in no particular order, keeping up with craft mafia emails, getting the broken door system fixed (more 6am phonecalls) and moving furniture around.  Yesterday I took my boss to Ikea – it was her first time there and it was like taking an alien round.  She was so impressed and excited by the sight of so many sofas in one place, it was quite fun!  It was also fun spending the company’s money rather than my own and we eventually had 4 trolleys full of sofas, tables and stuff.  We even managed to save about £150 due to the check out man’s dullness – he just didn’t scan some of the stuff, as we realised once we got back to the office.  HA!

This weekend, my mum will be arriving for a week or so and we have the Botanics craft fair tomorrow.  Today tho, I will be mostly sitting in the flat, playing on the internet and maybe crafting some things – a day of doing NOTHING – after the recent stress, it’s really, really needed!


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