Ok. I’m thinking of a number. Bzzzzzzz! I am telepathically transferring the number into your mind. Bzzzz!

Where did the time go? I’ve been so busy I’ve not had a moment to blog. So much has been happening!

Firstly – the flat. There has been loads of interest and viewers pretty much every night. However, if you’d care to cast your eyes leftwards to the photo, you’ll see a new addition to our living room – the hole.

Lee sadly had an accident (not that sort) in the loft and descended through the ceiling to the living room below. Thankfully, he was relatively unscathed – a few bruises, a nasty cut on the hand (I had to cut the skin off it, it was hid) and a liberal coating of fibre glass – which is the main thing. But it does rather set back our plans. Can’t be helped tho.

We had also been busy crafting our collective asses off for the Miso Funky market in Edinburgh on Saturday – it was a great day out, as always, but the weather was ridiculous. It was like the middle of December, rather than June – wet, windy, cold … and that was outside, not even in the Caves! As a result, customers were rather thin on the ground, but the ones that did make the journey got into the spirit of it and parted with their cold wet cash, so all was not lost!

There was also the now traditional trip to Monster Mash to dissect the day, get mildly drunk on margaritas and eat our own body weight in stodge – my favourite part of the day! I had steak pie and it was to die for.

The next thing we are working towards is the very exciting grand opening of the Miso Funky SHOP! Yes, a shop! We are going to be trialling a unit at the Barras this weekend, so please spread the word and come along – there will be free cake and everything!

More news as it happens, people – new photos are on flickr.


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