The chances of you seeing a unicorn are fairly small.

Day 5

Up early to go to Findlay Market, an open air/farmers markety type place. We had a cheese pocket for breakfast – hard to describe this, sort of like a cheesecakey filling in a pastry case with sugar on top. Very nice, but cake for breakfast will have to stop pon our return to the UK.

Off to collect Liz and then down to the market, which is in an area called Over The Rhine, a reference to the big German population in Cincinnati. Every kind of meat cut you could ever imagine is available here – apparently one of Cincinnati’s nicknames is Porkopolis. There was also a giant sausage stall – the stall was giant, rather than the sausages, which were bigger than ours, but not giant per se.

After a wander round and purchasing some sausages, we had a tour of the area, as Liz had been involved in planning a lot of it. Then we went to the Clifton area of town where Liz lives for lunch at Dewey’s pizza. They have white sauce as well as tomato which was great, as was the roasted garlic … mmmm! We had a wander round the shops and then stopped off at another Cincinnati institution, Graeters, an ice cream parlour. I had the raspberry black chip which was delicious! Yes, we did do a lot of eating there.

Back to the ranch for a brief sit down and to get changed for our date at the theatre. The show started at 5pm, so we got ready and headed to the Playhouse in the Park. The show was called Murderers and was 3 monologues set in a retirement complex in Florida – it was very funny, catch it if you get the chance! We met Anne’s business partner Gred and his wife Dana there and then drove to the Mount Adams area of town to a restaurant called Teak, which serves Thai food. The food was lovely, but very spicy and it did take an age to arrive. Greg and Dana were, as expected, lovely. We had a drink afterwards at the Pavilion, which had a cool deck outside overlooking the city. This is where Anne and Jim used to come on dates, so it was a nice touch. We took a detour on the way home to see the city from an old water tower – we could see for miles, and the lights were very pretty. But we had to press on home as we had an early start in the morning for Kings Island ….

NB – the Thai meal was the first meal I ate since arriving that did not contain cheese.

Day 6

Another early start so we could get to the theme park early. Anne had again drawn us a very comprehensive map which got us there without a hitch. Arrived at Kings Island early and managed to avoid the hideous queues as we had bought our tickets in advance, and discounted too! Anne is really the queen of the bargain!

We took in all the sights and some of the rides, but not the very scary ones, much to Anne’s disgust – she is a bit of a rollercoaster fiend! We did go on an old rickety wooden rollercoaster twice tho, that was a lot of fun – Lee’s knuckles were white on that one 🙂 Anne said when we got back that I must be adopted as I didn’t go on the scariest of them, the Beast – it was about 9,000 feet tall, so we gave it a miss. We got very sunned on – Lee was very tanned, however, my face was lobster like, despite the factor 20 sunblock. Will I ever learn?

We got home and Anne had very kindly done all our laundry – she really looked after us! The plan for dinner was the giant sausages on the barbeque, so we sat outside by the fire (which wasn’t on, owing to it being about 30 degrees celsius) and had another barbecue. The sausages were very nice, but my mother’s side of the family hatred for sausages was in evidence, so we had leftovers for Mack – who was delighted.


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