To be honest, I have a hard time believing you when you talk with that accent.

It’s my birthday soon! Woooo! Without wanting to sound like I am demanding presents, there is a very small list of things I can think of that I’d like. People always ask and I can never think, so here’s my ideas:

a cute bento box
Bare Minerals Foundation
Skin Revver Upper Moisturiser

flickr pro account renewal – Thanks Lee – I can remove this from my wish list now 🙂

If all else fails, US dollars are always appreciated! Yes, there we have it, I’ve put it out there – if you’re unimaginative, give cash!

I also issue a heartfelt plea for everyone else to be honest about what they’d like to receive at birthdays etc! That way you’ll get something you want and the gift-er will be pleased to have given you something useful, instead of ANOTHER gift voucher!

There is also always, as mar-c pointed out, the amazon wishlist.


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