Meet Pedro, the racist raisin!

Lucky Green Cat
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

Whoever thought up working for a living is clearly a madman.

Anyway – new year was very uneventful chez moosh. Lee was working nite shift, so I decided to stay at home and not venture out into the apocolyptic weather that was raging outside. I wrapped myself up in my jim-jams and new slippers and did the miso funky accounts and watched tv, sipping on a fine vintage 2006 Irn Bru. Classy AND rock and roll, that’s me.

The rest of the new year revolved around eating and seeing mum whilst she was here on her whistlestop tour of her children. We all got together on new year’s day at Andrew’s in Blantyre and ate steak pie and Polish cake before she flew off again back to Suffolk yesterday. She was here long enough to tell us some VERY exciting news from America which I will blog about seperately later and to buy me some waterproof footwear in the form of some lovely brown boots – all my shoes are so impractical for this weather!

Yesterday also heralded my return to the working world, a day before every other person in Scotland. January 2nd is a public holiday in Scotland only – the rest of the UK has to go to work. I think the idea behind it is that the Scots like to celebrate NYE a lot more than Christmas and therefore need 2 days to recover from their hangovers before attempting to re-enter the commercial world. However, the company I work for sadly does not adhere to the Scottish public holiday system, but the English one for some reason – meaning we get an extra day in May or something – which was little comfort yesterday morning I can assure you at 730 am.

I got to work yesterday only for my laptop to finally grind to a halt and refuse to have anything more to do with me. It spent most of the day with my boss, being nursed back to health and it’s now back in action and quicker than ever before – new year, new installation of operating system, new happy me!

I leave you with my lucky green cat in the hope that it will bring you some good luck this year too – go on, rub the screen. It might just work!


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