Who wants to win a stuffed bear or a goldfish?

Christmas Crafts, Nov 2006
Originally uploaded by mooshimooshisan.

Last nite chez Brown was spent alternately eating supernoodles, watching Celtic get royally humped by Benfica and making these bad boys.

Tonite I will be:

Eating pie
Knitting something
Worrying about having to have another blood test next week to discover if I am diabetic or not


3 thoughts on “Who wants to win a stuffed bear or a goldfish?”

  1. They’re adorable! Geez, I guess I should get moving on the Christmas preperation too, huh? It really isn’t far off at all!

  2. Woo blogger is allowing me to comment? What have I done to deserve this? They’re lovely. I have done flip all for Christmas and even less for anything else. I hope the Toon is ok at the weekend, i will feel responsible if it is not. Go to Greggs and get a stottie is my advice.

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