I don’t think you can class Greggs as a patisserie

Well! What a real weekend of highs and lows it has been!

The Miso Funky Market continues on the road to global domination! It was another good day on Saturday, despite the quiet streets, the head count was healthy and our stall did pretty well. Our new stock is going down extremely well and we’ve managed to shift a few of the older items too. On the downside, the library seem incapable of following even the simplest of instructions, even when they are written down in red pen in capital letters, so we had to spend the first hour of the day humffing tables about and making last minute changes to the table plan. A few technical hitches with the music and the projection also meant that we were woefully tardy in our set-up, but we got there in the end and after a while we were struggling to keep up with customers.

We had some very exciting news on Saturday of a potential Miso Funky development that I am not going to jinx by talking about, but watch this space! Suffice to say it was exciting enough for Jo and I to be jumping around like loons out in the hallway of the library, that’s all you’re getting for now.

The next low was our unfortunate run-in with the police. Jo got done for parking on a wiggly line outside the library despite the fact there is nowhere else to load up and despite the fact that countless other people have done it in the same location. Not that that makes it right, but still, it was pretty galling to be unlucky enough to be caught. No amount of uncontrollable tears on Jo’s part could persuade bad cop to not be a dick and just give her a telling off, but good cop was at least genuinely concerned for her well-being. I, meanwhile, sat in the passenger seat, paralysed with the fear that they were going to bust me for imaginary crime. By the end of it I was almost weeping myself!

Saturday evening I can barely even recall what happened. I had a snooze to try and shake off the headache that started pounding in my noggin at the precise second the police car’s siren started wailing and then repacked all of our crafty stuff into a smaller, more manageable set-up for Sunday’s craft expedition to the Botanic Gardens.

Sunday morning was spent collecting my mum (who’s up from Suffolk for the week), having a flask of tea leak over my jeans in the most unfortunate area and trying to make a t shirt stick to a concrete wall with sellotape. It was a slow day on the sales front to start off with, but it really picked up in the afternoon and in the end exceeded my vague weekend target in the takings department.

Sunday evening we all piled into Lee’s mum’s car and headed off to sunny Blantyre for dinner chez Andrew. It was a very pleasant evening and I am most jealous of his huge big house. Imagine the craft possibilities where you could set up a work station and not have to trip over your stock every time you enter the living room! And you didn’t have to wrestle with the sliding wardrobe doors each time you wanted to check where the glue is! And a whole corner of your teeny tiny living room wasn’t overtaken with wool! Oh, the possibilities!

This week is shaping up to be a busy un. Tonight I am planning to go straight home from work and go to bed, fully clothed and I might not even bother taking my shoes off. I am totally knackered after an entire weekend of what is essentially still working, albeit not for my real job. My real job was unfortunately splashed over the tabloid news this weekend, and not in a good way, so it’s not the best of atmospheres today, after it being so buoyant on Friday (when we got an acupressure massage free – it was great! I am so going back!). Mum’s up, so it is looking like a family dinner on Tuesday evening, hopefully a day’s holiday on Wednesday to do some mother/daughter bonding and going to see We Are Scientists with Jo on Thursday nite.

Lee is unfortunately working Friday and Saturday nites, so not only will I not see much of him, but I am on my own for the epic trek to the dentist on Saturday morning! For those of you who don’t know, I have a real issue with my teeths. I have spent well in excess of £500 having them filled in, filled out, covered up, root canaled, scaled, polished, crowned, veneered … you name it, my teeths have had it. In fact, the last dentist I was with I saw so much of, I got a Christmas card from him and was practically on first name terms with his wife and kids. My new dentist though (well, I say new, but he’s been there about 2 years) has a permanent cold and had a sense of humour bypass somewhere along the line. So it’s not as fun as it used to be.

My front teeths have been melting away gradually for some years now and although they now have veneers, I still always feel like he’s going to say, oh no, they’ll need to come out and then I would want to DIE. I live in constant fear of something happening to them. They’re the first thing I check when I wake of a morning … tongue round the top … the bottom … yes, they’re still there. I wake up in the middle of the night and check them and even whilst I am typing this, I am checking .. yes, they’re still there. So to say I am a little obsessed with it, is putting it lightly. Still, I have managed to go from having an appointment every 2 weeks like I was a few years back (when I was in almost constant agonising pain, relieved only by high doses of Nurofen and Panadol together, gargling with soluble asprin and baby teething gel) and am now back to 6 monthly check ups like most other normals. Fingers crossed that continues this time.

This weekend coming is also one of the few free weekends I have in the run up to Christmas. We are craft-fair-ing like demons, so other than this weekend, the only free one is at the end of November, when hopefully Jo, Mar-c and I are going on a roadtrip to Lossiemouth to see her hometown. So, I had better get going on the old Crimbo shopping! Only 9 weeks to go … :


1 thought on “I don’t think you can class Greggs as a patisserie”

  1. Can we please NEVER speak of this Police incident again??! I am truly over it and feel like king o the dullards!

    Is it wrong to be excited about crimble??

    (I am reliving the jumping about like a loon moment at my desk)

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