Friendly bacteria can fuck right off.

Jo’s annual fancy dress party was HOT! Here are the photos. I had a lovely time, drank a lot of cider, met a lot of lovely people, extolled the virtues of internet dating (for that is how I and Lee-san met, fact lovers) and generally had a blast. Lee sadly started chucking up his dinner shortly after arrival and went home to bed.

I started and finished a whole new scarf this weekend:

I think you’ll agree the colours are fab. It’s also 100% cotton which is good for all those weirdy beardy allergy sufferers out there and the anti-acrylic league.

As part of the party shenanigans, Jo and I had to go to every charity shop in the West end looking for costume pieces. We also found this:

All that wool for £3! What a bargain! The gods of the charity shops really were smiling upon us! We also found this job lot of vintage buttons, again only £2! What a day it was! The third picture is a lovely retro glass plate I found for just 25 British pence! I had to go home for a lie down after that. Also, for the cake buffet we bought a huge amount of cakes from the Pantry on Byres Road – they do a mean bridie. The lovely baker woman gave us 8 free scones! What a find! It more than made up for the surly bitch in Ichiban where we had lunch who had the personality of a used johnny.

What a great weekend! And now … back to work 😦


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