Have you still got my sachet of salad cream?

Last nite, as a break from knitting the rabbits , I had a bit of a winter knitting jump-start session.

I made:

A sludgy green coloured mp3/phone-cosy.

A “sea thistle” coloured mp3/phone-cosy. (The colours are washed out here, see below for close up)

I also made this grey hat, which is made from such soft wool, I could have fell asleep on it face first. However, it turned out to be a child’s hat, as it was on quite small needles. I haven’t had such a productive evening since Noah was a boy!

I also had dinner made by Lee which was quite the most delightful thing I’ve had … well, since the last time he cooked. Rosemary lamb meatballs with lemon, red pepper and chickpea rice with grilled aubergines. Mmmmm.

Lex also informed me that I did have an RSS feed on my blog all along, I just didn’t know it. And neither would you dear readers, unless you were a Level 5 geek like he clearly is (only joking!). But he has revolutionalised my life with his insider knowledge, and I hope to revolutionalise yours with this. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Have you still got my sachet of salad cream?”

  1. ooh, I like the hat! will it fit my tiny head?

    and you can put me in the geek corner with alex. at least I don’t look at peoples’ website source code and offer advice like a friend of mine did to me.

  2. I think it’s too tiny even for your mini-noggin. I will get some more wool tho and do another. I had you in mind when I saw the wool, funnily enough.

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