There’s no such thing as a grateful Frenchman

Here is the thing that broke our shed – prize if anyone can tell what it actually is.

We have stepped up security with several padlocks, bolts, chains and a gruff goat to stand guard (ok, maybe I made that list bit up).

On a lighter note, I bought new shoes and they are so comfortable! And green, which is a much under-utilised colour for shoes, I feel. 2 pairs for £40! Surely some pricing catastrophe! They have joined shoe mountain at the foot of the stairs.

Last nite I caught a squid, a red snapper and 2 sea bass! I was very pleased. I also paid off my mortgage and found a wide screen TV in the recycling bin. I am of course, talking about Animal Crossing again. Lee probably thinks I am crazy, but I do have fellow AC fanatics in mar-c, becca, lex and jo. I even visited mar-c’s town today to exchange fruit with her (I have oranges and she has peaches) so hopefully I’ll be able to grow some new stuff to sell to Tom Nook.

As Lex has been pointing out over on Diskant, I think that there is a sinister underbelly to Animal Crossing. Everyone is nicey nicey but I get the feeling that they have all been brainwashed or are acting under some sort of curse. No one can do anything without the say so of Tom Nook (who is surely the pimp daddy to my and every other characters crack whore) because he controls the sale and purchase of everything from wallpaper to fishing rods. And as Lex points out, that pelican on the night shift in the post office is the biggest bitch out.

Anyway, back in the real world… I might get a jaunt to Edinburgh on Saturday to visit Linzee, who I have not seen for so ridiculously long that I still have her Christmas present taking up space in the living room. This Saturday is the 3rd Miso Funky fair, which usually means the preceding week is taken up with blind panicking and running around, but this time round Jo and I are scarily organised, even down to new storage boxes for carrying stuff.


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