I’ve got tennis elbow and I don’t even play tennis.

Wow almost a month gone already! Time flies when you are so freakin busy. Rest of Thailand was an absolute ball, had such a fabulous time. I almost feel a bit guilty about enjoying it so much as it was a work trip, but it honestly felt like a holiday! The training went so well and everyone was so nice that it so was not a chore.

On the Friday, I went on the tour of the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and then on to Wat Po, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. I had a truly awesome day and was really inspired by everything I saw. I had a personal tour guide called O who looked after me and took lots of photos and taught me how to meditate and make offerings to Buddha, etc. Lots of photos can be seen here.

Friday afternoon I went to a different sort of Thai temple – shopping! Then back to the office, and on to ten pin bowling and karaoke! I was doing a duet with Jamie Blair in Thai, no idea what we were singing, but it was fabulous fun!

Since I came back, we have been very busy with Miso Funky, with the website now finished and up and orders rolling in every day. We are doing very well so far and now have a private investor so we will be able to put a lot of our ideas in motion next year which I am very excited about! Will have to knit 24/7!

We went to a sale at the Bastille Market on Saturday which was very successful and will be back there on Saturday (Christmas Eve). We are just about set for Christmas, Lee and his mum and I are all going to Andrew and Alek’s new place in Govanhill for dinner on Christmas day. Looking forwards to a few days off and of course making the most of the time off the diet!


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