I know a few women who could do with wearing a burkha.

Hmmm, why’s there a big blank bit at the top? I wonder. No news is bad news. Very bad news. We are still no further forward with the house. In fact, we are at panic stations now. Could all be off, could all be on. Won’t know anything more than that until Monday at the earliest. Fuming, be we. Chewing the walls.

Work has been a living hell today. Due to the above, I am finding it very hard to concentrate on some dude’s renewal dates being wrong on his chinese domains. Or care, for that matter. Sticking my headphones in and setting myself to busy has made no difference to my beloved workmates, who have seem to be running some kind of sweepstake to see who can piss me off the quickest.

This post was brought to you by the number 9 and the word aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh


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